Style Arc Stacie Jean Jacket- 6th piece of the Casual Summer 6PAC

Every 6PAC wardrobe should have an overlayer, especially in a changeable climate like the UK, where our mothers always told us never to leave the house without a coat, cardigan, umbrella etc…

I chose to make a jean jacket to top out my 6PAC.

Trendy jean, denim or woven jacket

Having got onto Style Arc’s mailing list, I can’t resist the freebies so have to order more patterns almost every month. I did restrain myself the month they featured trackie bottoms! The garment of choice of every local chav, I don’t think so. You could wear them to the gym I hear you say,my children would die laughing.

Any way back to the jean jacket. I made a size 8 and added about 3 inches to the bottom width.


I used the grey needlecord I made some jeans from earlier this year. I wanted to make it a bit more summery so added highlights in a pink/grey cotton print. The cuffs are intended to be worn either full length or turned up,so I made the turn up  in the print and sewed them to the sleeve.



It looks plainer with the cuffs turned down, but I haven’t worn it that way.



I also made the under collar in print!



The front facings are print too, as well as the under pocket flaps even though you can barely see them. I added print inner yokes just for fun and attached the same way as shirt yokes.

The jacket is a very snug fit, and looks a bit tight buttoned up. As it’s intended as a summer jacket I probably will never wear it that way. If I wanted to wear a jacket like this in winter I would have to make it larger to fit a sweater under, and add a lining.

I love this jacket and have worn it a lot already, all though not this last 10 days as the UK is having a heatwave, temperatures as high as 28 degrees!


About starryfishathome

I'm early retired, living in a village and love to sew, knit, make needlepoint cushions, and nurture my cactus collection. Since I came back to making my own clothes, I've learned so much from other sewists blogs, I thought I should start my own.
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2 Responses to Style Arc Stacie Jean Jacket- 6th piece of the Casual Summer 6PAC

  1. SewingElle says:

    You have made a great wardrobe. I really like the floral print on this jacket. It’s lifts it out of being just another jeans jacket.

  2. Audrey says:

    You are sewing some wonderful clothing using the Style Arc patterns. I love the fun style detail the print facing adds to this jacket.

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