Kitschy Coo Lady Skater Dress- Fit to dine with a Royal Countess

Luton Hoo Hotel

Luton Hoo Hotel

Every year my branch of the Women’s Institute’s committee have a dinner out. This year we chose Luton Hoo Hotel, former home of the Lady Zia Wernher, born a Russian royal countess. Lest you think we are bankrupting the WI, we save up all year, putting money into the kitty at every committee meeting.

Wernher Restaurant

Wernher Restaurant

So a grand setting deserves a new dress doesn’t it?


I thought the Lady Skater would fit the bill nicely, with room for dinner catered for. I had bought a nice long piece of black and white jersey from ebay recently, but when I spread it out the pattern worried me.



I couldn’t see how to place the front pieces without unfortunate results, to put it delicately! I decided to cut the skirt in four pieces to make the pattern appear much more random, and cut each one individually avoiding the central motif. The other change I made was to the back skirt pieces. My first lady skater has a tendency to ride up at the back which tells me my bum needs more fabric. I did a large bottom adjustment by slashing and spreading the pattern piece in the appropriate area. I added about an 1″ in the CB seam tapering to nothing at the side seam. Making a CB seam makes this much easier, as I didn’t have straighten the seam.


Perfectly level hem!

I don’t have to keep tugging at the skirt on this version, and my slip stays hidden.


I’m very pleased with the way this has turned out, it’s much nicer than if I had lined up the central motif. My fellow committee members liked it as well!

If you’re interested, the meal cost about £60 each for three courses, wine, and coffee; canapes, amuse bouches, and sorbet thrown in as well. The waiters are so polite and make everyone feel special. I’m not even sorry for the couple who drove up in a chauffeur driven Bentley, while we were getting out of the community minibus! We rather spoilt their grand entrance, as the Concierge was taking a group photo for us under the portico shown on the top picture.

They also do a very nice Afternoon Tea, I had that last year as birthday treat from my DS. Of course you can also stay there, or have your wedding reception, but it’ll cost a fortune.

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I'm early retired, living in a village and love to sew, knit, make needlepoint cushions, and nurture my cactus collection. Since I came back to making my own clothes, I've learned so much from other sewists blogs, I thought I should start my own.
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7 Responses to Kitschy Coo Lady Skater Dress- Fit to dine with a Royal Countess

  1. linda walton says:

    this is a lovely dress and well done on the fabric cutting.
    linda in Australia.

  2. SewingElle says:

    Great dress. You look very elegant! Cutting up the skirt was a very clever way to deal with those motifs.

  3. BeaJay says:

    Your dress is lovely and what a beautiful setting to show it off.

  4. becki says:

    Gorgeous! I love that fabric, I want that fabric. Great job, that is really flattering

  5. prttynpnk says:

    Lovely and so flattering!

  6. Beverly Meadows says:

    Very flattering on you and pretty fabric!

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