Jungle January ’14- Kitschy Coo Penny Pinafore Tunic

Where's the rest of the herd?

Where’s the rest of the herd?

I wanted to join in Jungle January and I had this scarlet animal print in my stash. At first I thought of yet another Renfrew but then Kitschy Coo released another pattern. I liked the idea of using the print as panels; it would be more subtle especially with this bold colour.

The Penny Pinafore comes in three lengths, tunic, minidress and kneelength. Of course I chose the long sleeved version of the tunic length in the depth of winter! I cut a size 4 grading to size 5 at the hem. The pattern has cutting lines to make the tunic length a little closer to the hip than the mini or kneelength version. I felt that I needed the extra room so followed the dress cutting lines. I also cut the length 2″ longer as I wanted to cover my rear completely.

The pattern as drafted went together easily, I followed all the instructions apart from the neckband where I used the quartering method. I would normally sew a jersey top using a 4 thread overlocker stitch, but with my currently weak hand decided to sew it together with my sewing machine, and just overlock the seams. I could have basted it and then used a 4 thread overlock  of course, but the brain isn’t functioning too well and I didn’t think of it. Also it would have meant a lot of handsewing and that hurts my hand.

When I came to the hem, I just added an extra inch instead of the two I allowed for. This has given me the coverage I was after.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like this top, although it will have to wait until early spring to be worn in public. I wanted a top to wear with these skinny jeans I made last year which are really too tight. That’s what happens when you use a non stretch woven fabric with a pattern for stretch denim and don’t make allowances.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like it better with the stone jeans, it makes my legs look a bit longer. I hope you notice my leopard print socks completing the jungle theme.

The neckline is a nice scoop, but I think I’ll raise it for my next version in a ponte for winter wear. I hate a cold neck, and we have a drafty house. There will definitely be another one, maybe a dress.

About starryfishathome

I'm early retired, living in a village and love to sew, knit, make needlepoint cushions, and nurture my cactus collection. Since I came back to making my own clothes, I've learned so much from other sewists blogs, I thought I should start my own.
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11 Responses to Jungle January ’14- Kitschy Coo Penny Pinafore Tunic

  1. BeaJay says:

    That top is stunning. I love the cuffs too. What a great way to get some animal in your life. I will have to check out that pattern.

  2. Audrey says:

    Where did you find a red jungle print? I am so jealous. Your top looks wonderful on you. Great fit and flattering colors. You need to find a way to wear it now.

  3. SewingElle says:

    very cool! awesome socks too.

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  5. Gjeometry says:

    Great top! I’ve not seen animal print with a red theme, it looks so nice with the red colour-blocking. Saw you over on Pretty Grievances blog and had to come over and say ‘hi!’

    • Thank you, I love red so I had to buy this one! Aren’t there some great animal print creations out there this January?

      • Gjeometry says:

        Yes!! A good year for jungling. I am at work on my jungle january make. It is the more traditional (boring? hope not!) black/grey/white animal print, but will certainly be easy to match to other things that way.

  6. Love the fabric and love the make!

  7. Sarah says:

    Glad to see you are back to sewing! Love the top, and also wanted to compliment you on your lovely use of proper inch marks. I’m an editor and it always annoys me when people use curly quotes instead!

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