Marfy 3248 Skirt- my first experience with Marfy and the Fifth Item of my Spring 6PAC

I bought the latest Marfy catalogue earlier this year as I was looking for an outfit for my son’s wedding. Although the catalogue is fairly expensive you get 6 free multisize patterns with it. I was attracted to the A line skirt with zipped pockets.

Marfy 3248 skirt

Although there are no instructions with Marfy patterns, the pattern pieces have letters at critical points to help assembly. I did have to think deeply about the zipped pocket assembly.

Marfy 3248 pattern pieces

I decided that the right way to do it was to sew one pocket piece to the lower skirt panel and one to the upper skirt panel.The zips are sandwiched between the layers. Initially I wasn’t going to put in the zips but when I had sewn all the panels together( and topstitched them) the pockets drooped horribly. I had to unpick the pockets and hand sew in the zips, as I couldn’t face unpicking the topstitching. They haven’t turned out too badly.

Marfy 3248 pocket zip

I chose a wine linen fabric and lined it with the same colour lining.

Marfy 3248 skirt and sewaholic alma blouse

I’m wearing it with the sewaholic alma blouse. I’m pleased with the fit and it is very comfortable. I cut a size 46 which in Marfy sizing is a 30″waist and 39.5″ hip. As it had curved panels as well as side seams I let each seam out by 1/4″ from high hip level and this gave enough seat room.  It will be a mainstay of my summer wardrobe this year. I think I’ll make a denim one for the winter as well, and see if I can achieve a perfect zip pocket as well as fine tuning the back waist.

Marfy 3248 skirt and sewaholic alma blouse rear view

I like the curved side panels, and am pleased with how the topstitching turned out. I added a inch in length and it’s my ideal, so the model in the drawing has incredibly long legs!

That’s the last item I will be sewing in my Spring wardrobe so it has turned into a 5PAC, but all the pieces are wearable.


About starryfishathome

I'm early retired, living in a village and love to sew, knit, make needlepoint cushions, and nurture my cactus collection. Since I came back to making my own clothes, I've learned so much from other sewists blogs, I thought I should start my own.
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7 Responses to Marfy 3248 Skirt- my first experience with Marfy and the Fifth Item of my Spring 6PAC

  1. eumoronorio says:

    I am so curious about Marfy and have not yet taken the plunge. Thanks for sharing. Your skirt is really great! The curved panels are a nice touch!

  2. becki says:

    I love Marfy, your skirt looks great. Don’t they fit together wonderfully!

  3. sophie o. says:

    The fit is great!! I’m still a little scared by Marfy patterns and find it difficult to be inspired by their drawings: for some reason, I don’t get fashion drawings

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