Vogue 7975- Chanel Jacket with fringing


Vogue 7975 fringed jacket

I thought it was about time I made up the Vogue 7975 in a boucle wool that was hiding in my stash. I had been wanting a chanel style jacket with a fringe trim ever since I came back to sewing, but I didn’t know how to make the fringe. My daughter tells me fringe trimmed jackets are much more up to date. However the September/October issue of Sew Today had an article by Claire Schaeffer on making Chanel trims! Just what I wanted, so here it is.

Make fringe trimIt’s not all difficult to make fringe when it comes down to it. Just cut bias strips of fabric and organza, and proceed as above. Claire Schaeffer then says to treat it as piping, by which I assumed she means sandwich between the front and facing layers and sew together close to the edge. Anyway that’s how I did it, and it came out well. I did not fringe the neck edge as I thought it would be itchy.

I made up patch pockets with a fringe trim and sewed them on by hand before attaching the lining. I machine sewed the corners for extra strength. I sewed the sleeve trim on the hem line by hand; if I’d thought a bit I could have attached it before sewing up the last sleeve seam and then could have done it by machine. I then turned up the sleeve hem and catchstitched it.

After attaching the lining, I turned the jacket right side out and pinned the lining of the sleeves and bottom hem close to the fringe edge, then catchstitched it to cover the organza. I sewed a length of gold chain to the hem to weight it down.

Vogue 7975 fringed jacket lining

It weighs down the jacket nicely, I think.

Vogue 7975 fringed jacket side

I’m pleased with this jacket, and shall be wearing it next Wednesday to our WI’s annual Christmas supper in our cold village hall; it should keep me warm and smart!

Vogue 7975 fringed jacket and jeansWhat do you think of it with jeans? Suitable for drinks in a country pub which can be pretty draughty in midwinter? That’s enough collarless jackets for now I think, although there’s a nice one in the December issue of Burdastyle.

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I'm early retired, living in a village and love to sew, knit, make needlepoint cushions, and nurture my cactus collection. Since I came back to making my own clothes, I've learned so much from other sewists blogs, I thought I should start my own.
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9 Responses to Vogue 7975- Chanel Jacket with fringing

  1. Ruth says:

    Great looking jacket! You just wear it with whatever you like – it’ll always look fabulous.

  2. SewingElle says:

    Well done, and thanks for the tip on fringing. I might need that information in 6 months or so, when I get to my spring Chanel style boucle jacket. Your jacket looks great dressed up or down.

  3. ailsa-g says:

    Your jacket is lovely! It looks great with jeans, too. I love the brooch as well.
    I will have to check out the Burda December issue.

  4. merche says:

    Love it with jeans! You look so groovy!
    I own that pattern but I´m scared of it, like it´s too much for me!. Absolutely gorgeous, I bet you were the smartest of the Christmas supper!

    • Don’t be scared of the pattern, it’s a really basic collarless jacket. The princess seams make it easy to get a good fit.I started by making a plain black wool with no couture elements.

  5. Tia Dia says:

    Love your fringe. Great jacket. And are those Claire Schaeffer’s couture trousers? They go so well with the jacket.

  6. poppykettle says:

    This is amazingly gorgeous! I love the fringe tip with the organza – such a great way to get a perfectly matching trim. I think it looks especially wonderful with jeans :)

  7. Wonderful! Self-made trim is great!

  8. Chris says:

    Fabulous !!! One of my favorite Chanel type jackets that I’ve seen on the Web…
    Love the trim and thanks for explaining how to do it. I’m going to try it… :-)

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